25 Feb 2013 - Polonia Open 2013 by Zywiec

This will be the 13th year of our popular tournament event and 5th year under the auspices of the Senate of RP as a Polonia World Championship. After 2 years spend in The Fountains Country Club and a very successful 2011 and 2012 tournaments, the decision to stay in West Palm Beach was very obvious. The Fountains Country Club turned out to be the kind of place all of us have been looking for for many years. Friendly, seemingly easy, yet very challenging courses and full of positive atmosphere on and off the golf course is what we all loved. As every year in the past, next tournament will be no different. We already have confirmation from very prominent celebrities to show up at Polonia Open by Zywiec. We also expect to host the event with many known people from the world of polish and Polonia sports, cultural life, politics, business, movies and entertainment.

For more information please visit www.poloniaopen.com